reset your mind & learn what is truly blocking you from losing weight!

"My transformation has had massive mental and emotional impacts. I have had to retrain my brain completely. Undoing years of bad habits comes with great mental struggles. I am a happier more confident person."
- Dannielle G. (weight lost - 105lbs)


Hi, I'm Nadine Dumas

Eating Psychology Practitioner, Mind-Body Nutrition Coach, mother, former accountant turned entrepreneur, 11x international cover model and a leading business woman and influencer in the worldwide fitness market.  I have spent the last decade helping women lose weight and gain their power back.  Women that have lost themselves over the years, have 'failed' time and time again with their diets, struggle with burnout and fatigue and that are caught in the endless cycle of compulsive eating and food addiction.

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Mind-Body Nutrition Programs

Join me on how to reset your mind and learn what is truly blocking you from losing weight

"Meet The Wellness Coach Who Has Helped Women Lose And Keep Off Thousands Of Pounds" ------>

​L​agom Retreat


MY APPROACH - Being a Mind-Body Nutrition Coach and Eating Psychology Practitioner, I am able to pick up where many traditional coaches leave off.


Learn how to restore your energy from major burnout and fatigue and feel great again.

end the yo-yo diet cycle

Discover why you have 'failed' at every diet and can't seem to find something that works.


Get to the bottom of why you you turn to food for comfort when you're stressed, lonely, anxious or depressed.


Break through the barrier of avoiding social situations, events, birthday's, and get together's with friends because you are ashamed of your weight.

Over 15,000 lbs LOST, and Counting!

​What I appreciate about Nadine is that she takes her training and understanding of eating psychology very seriously. Her guidance and approach are giving me the tools to change a cycle of anxiety, binge eating, weight gain and low self-esteem."
- Stacy Foster


​You can expect to work directly with me throughout your 12 week program whether it be in person or via the internet. This is my highest level of support which means I am your cheerleader, mentor, supporter, teacher and most importantly, your friend.

The level of work we cover can be lighthearted and fun, to deep rooted and emotional.


​Are you looking to end the cycle of yo-yo dieting once and for all? My 12 week online nutrition program is built around your goals and lifestyle. Ditch the cookie cutter programs that deprive you of your favorite foods and learn how to relax into your eating by using a realistic program created just for you. Your program is created with your lifestyle in mind, what you enjoy eating and I teach you how to achieve your results through this.


​​Learn how to find your balance and free yourself from self-imposed food limitations and outdated beliefs as I guide you on how to improve your relationship with body image, food and nutrition throughout my 6-week online mind-body nutrition course!

What Others Say


I've been an emotional eater my whole life and obsessed with the scale. A low number had me thinking I could go on a binge because I was doing well, while a high or stagnant number had me struggling to stay on track because "what was the point?" Nadine helped me lose 80+ pounds and reclaim my confidence.

Lindsay Jean


​Before I contacted Nadine I was an emotional roller coaster. I suffered from food anxiety and it controlled every part of my day and life. I had dizzy spells that never went away and I would binge just to feel better.

​​Jamie Burke


​I originally contacted Nadine to help me prepare for a fitness competition a few years ago and have since, with her guidance changed my goals to finding balance, achieving a healthy relationship with food and most recently healing my body from the inside out.

​​Jodi Macdonald

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Learn what is blocking you from your weight loss success

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