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Reset Your Mind & Learn What Is Truly Blocking You From Losing Weight!

Dannielle G. (total weight lost - 105lbs)
"My transformation has had massive mental and emotional impacts. I have had to retrain my brain completely. Undoing years of bad habits comes with great mental struggles. I am a happier more confident person."


Hi, I'm Nadine Dumas

Eating Psychology Practitioner, Mind-Body Nutrition Coach, mother, former accountant turned entrepreneur, 11x international cover model and a leading business woman and influencer in the worldwide fitness market.  I have spent the last decade helping women lose weight and gain their power back.  Women that have lost themselves over the years, have 'failed' time and time again with their diets, struggle with burnout and fatigue and that are caught in the endless cycle of compulsive eating and food addiction.

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Mind-Body Nutrition Programs

Join me on how to reset your mind and learn what is truly blocking you from losing weight

"Meet The Wellness Coach Who Has Helped Women Lose And Keep Off Thousands Of Pounds" ------>


MY APPROACH - Being a Mind-Body Nutrition Coach and Eating Psychology Practitioner, I am able to pick up where many traditional coaches leave off.


Learn how to restore your energy from major burnout and fatigue and feel great again.


Discover why you have 'failed' at every diet and can't seem to find something that works.


Get to the bottom of why you you turn to food for comfort when you're stressed, lonely, anxious or depressed.


Break through the barrier of avoiding social situations, events, birthday's, and get together's with friends because you are ashamed of your weight.

Over 15,000 lbs LOST, and counting!

I feel like a brand new, improved version of myself! Nadine has been supporting me for a long time, while working together and even after. This is one of the most important benefits of working with Nadine as a coach. She truly cares about each and every client and goes the extra mile to help you on your journey. Nadine is an expert in training and meal planning but her knowledge of eating psychology and her ability to hear her clients completely without judgement is what makes her coaching unique and successful." - Lisa H.


You can expect to work directly with me throughout your program whether it be in person or via the internet. This is my highest level of support which means I am your cheerleader, mentor, supporter, teacher and most importantly, your friend.

The level of work we cover can be lighthearted and fun, to deep rooted and emotional.


Are you looking to end the cycle of yo-yo dieting once and for all? My monthly online nutrition program is built around your goals and lifestyle. Ditch the cookie cutter programs that deprive you of your favorite foods and learn how to relax into your eating by using a realistic program created just for you. Your program is created with your lifestyle in mind, what you enjoy eating and I teach you how to achieve your results through this.

JOIN THE transformation challenge

Join a community of women who are all striving to better themselves, change their bodies and minds and support one another.....and maybe win yourself free one-on-one coaching OR a trip to the Lagom Wellness Retreat!!!  I have ran transformation challenges for a decade and have helped over 800 women transform their lives.  NEW to the challenges is my Mind-Body Nutrition educational series that I will be doing LIVE each week for the group in order to dive deeper into your weight struggles and how to change them once and for all  

What Others Say


I have had the opportunity to work with many personal trainers over the years but I have to say, as far as I am concerned, Nadine is one of a kind. Her coaching goes far beyond weights, reps and macros, it goes to the core of it all. And when I say core, it would be logical to assume abs but it’s truly more, it’s the root of it all. Nadine understands that we are all at the point of wanting, needing the change, but the change that we think we want is only the tip of the iceberg. To truly reach the success in changing our bodies, it must first come from changing our minds and our mindset. Because Nadine understands this key, she takes it upon herself to understand each of her clients and what their block maybe – whether that is food, relationships, self-love or all of the above. When you work with Nadine it becomes very obvious, very quickly that she will go the extra mile to get to that core and will work with you to release and heal it in order to pave the way to the success of becoming healthy, fitter and most importantly, happier your mind, body and soul. You will never regret working with this 

Suzanne S.
One-On-One Coaching Client


I started this 6 week challenge very motivated, although I must admit I was a bit skeptical. I just didn’t really know what to expect. Well, I now can say it was a priceless experience. I’ve done mean plans in the past and followed counting calories, but this was different. I was learning what I was eating, when I was eating and why. I wasn’t mindlessly following something I didn’t really understand, I really had to think about it and it has given me so much confidence to eat right and nourish my body. It feels great!! I now feel like I can put together healthy and delicious meals on my own and I know it makes me feels so much better. I enjoyed my chats with Nadine and I appreciate that she dug a little deeper. Deeper into the why. I’ve done a lot of reflection this past 6 weeks and had learned more about myself. I look forward to continuing to work with Nadine. I have truly enjoyed the support, accountability, encouragement, empowerment and advice. 

Ilana Z.
6-week Transformation Challenge Winner


Most women bare the weight of the world on their shoulders and they are at the bottom of their own priority list; I was no different. The idea of taking an entire week to attend the retreat, I viewed as a selfish act. However, after taking the plunge, my perspective has changed. The seminars, meetings with Nadine, cooking classes and all the other activities that were provided at this retreat, left me feeling that it is not only ok to look after myself, but necessary

Robin W.
Lagom Retreat Guest

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