Eating Psychology Practitioner
& Mind-Body Nutrition Coach

Nadine Dumas, EPC

Nadine is a leading business woman and influencer in the worldwide fitness market. Her online holistic approach to health and wellness span the globe with a footprint in Asia, Australia, the Cayman Islands and North America.

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Eating Psychology & Mind-Body Nutrition Programs

Join me on how to find your balance?


Being a mind-body nutrition, transformation
and Eating Psychology Practitioner, I am able
to pick up where many traditional coaches leave off

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  • I have worked with a few different coaches, developing bad habits with food and the scale, and Nadine is the only one who checked in on how I was feeling and put my mental health as a top priority. Nadine helped me develop an understanding of what my body needed...
    Amanda Culver
    Amanda Culver
  • I've been an emotional eater my whole life and obsessed with the scale. A low number had me thinking I could go on a binge because I was doing well, while a high or stagnant number had me struggling to stay on track because "what was the point?" Nadine helped me lose 80+ pounds and reclaim my confidence.
    Lindsay Jean
    Lindsay Jean
  • Before I contacted Nadine I was an emotional roller coaster. I suffered from food anxiety and it controlled every part of my day and life. I had dizzy spells that never went away and I would binge just to feel better.
    Jamie Burke
    Jamie Burke


A book packed with recipes that you
probably never thought you could
enjoy as part of a healthy meal plan!

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