Eating Psychology Practitioner
& Mind-Body Nutrition Coach

Nadine Dumas, EPC

Nadine is a leading business woman and influencer in the worldwide fitness market. Her online holistic approach to health and wellness span the globe with a footprint in Asia, Australia, the Cayman Islands and North America.

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Eating Psychology & Mind-Body Nutrition Programs

Join me on how to find your balance?


Being a mind-body nutrition, transformation
and Eating Psychology Practitioner, I am able
to pick up where many traditional coaches leave off

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  • "Nadine Dumas has coached me through a complete lifestyle change. From working on the road, living out of hotels, to working out in my basement, she was able to customize my programs to suit my needs."
    Kari Metzner
    Kari Metzner
  • I have worked with a few different coaches, developing bad habits with food and the scale, and Nadine is the only one who checked in on how I was feeling and put my mental health as a top priority. Nadine helped me develop an understanding of what my body needed...
    Amanda Culver
    Amanda Culver
  • I've been an emotional eater my whole life and obsessed with the scale. A low number had me thinking I could go on a binge because I was doing well, while a high or stagnant number had me struggling to stay on track because "what was the point?" Nadine helped me lose 80+ pounds and reclaim my confidence.
    Lindsay Jean
    Lindsay Jean


A book packed with recipes that you
probably never thought you could
enjoy as part of a healthy meal plan!

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