I have worked with a few different coaches, developing bad habits with food and the scale, and Nadine is the only one who checked in on how I was feeling and put my mental health as a top priority. Nadine helped me develop an understanding of what my body needed, and she knew what I needed before I was even able to see it. Although my progress on the scale was slow, my emotional progress was insane! Once the emotional health was getting the attention it needed, the physical progress started to follow. On top of that, she has created a supportive community of badass women who support and motivate each other. I can’t express how thankful I am to have worked with Nadine. She has helped me get in touch with my body and my mind, and it’s crazy to think that there was such a disconnect between the two for so long.



I’ve been an emotional eater my whole life and obsessed with the scale. A low number had me thinking I could go on a binge because I was doing well, while a high or stagnant number had me struggling to stay on track because “what was the point?” Nadine helped me lose 80+ pounds and reclaim my confidence. I don’t know an exact number anymore because I’ve stopped stepping on the scale. She’s taught me how to recognize my emotional triggers and deal with them in a healthier way. And how to reach out for help. If you’re ready to change your life, Nadine is the most non-judgmental, caring and knowledgeable person to help you do that.



Before I contacted Nadine I was an emotional roller coaster. I suffered from food anxiety and it controlled every part of my day and life. I had dizzy spells that never went away and I would binge just to feel better. I felt like I was always waling in a fog. My binging was every day and quickly I was gaining weight. I was miserable and moody. I always had the feeling of disgust and anger because my old habits of binge eating would not stop. My relationship with foods was horrible. I developed an unhealthy relationship with the scale and I would weigh myself multiple times in a day. My mood would be set for the day depending on that stupid scale. I was over training in the gym to help fix the weight gain. The more weight I put on the more exercising I would do. I was mentally exhausted.

Joining up with Nadine, the first week I got my clarity back. The fog was gone. I said goodbye to being dizzy and learned how to have balance. I learned how to look at food as fuel for my body and if I wanted a treat it was okay. And if I slipped up, I was taught it was okay and we are human and it happens. No food was off limits. I learned how to fix the things I could control and to accept the things I could not. My mindset changed to see the positive things of myself and I started to not notice my flaws anymore. My body image grew in a positive way, my weight dropped and everything started to change. I have never felt so alive, I have never felt so free, and my family and my husband got their mom and wife back. My mind is strong and I am free! I love myself again and I am so ever grateful.



I have had the opportunity to work with many personal trainers over the years but I have to say, as far as I am concerned, Nadine is one of a kind. Her coaching goes far beyond weights, reps and macros, it goes to the core of it all. And when I say core, it would be logical to assume abs but it’s truly more, it’s the root of it all. Nadine understands that we are all at the point of wanting, needing the change, but the change that we think we want is only the tip of the iceberg. To truly reach the success in changing our bodies, it must first come from changing our minds and our mindset. Because Nadine understands this key, she takes it upon herself to understand each of her clients and what their block maybe – whether that is food, relationships, self-love or all of the above. When you work with Nadine it becomes very obvious, very quickly that she will go the extra mile to get to that core and will work with you to release and heal it in order to pave the way to the success of becoming healthy, fitter and most importantly, happier your mind, body and soul. You will never regret working with this amazing and beautiful person.

Jodi MacDonald

Teacher & Mother

I originally contacted Nadine to help me prepare for a fitness competition a few years ago and have since, with her guidance changed my goals to finding balance, achieving a healthy relationship with food and most recently healing my body from the inside out. This last year is the first time in my life that I feel like I haven’t been on a “diet” at one time or another. I feel better and more fit then I ever have and as a working mother of 2 have finally found a way of eating that is sustainable, not a restrictive diet but just living a healthy life so I can do what I love while feeling great about myself. I no longer see food as good or bad, I eat what makes me feel good but know that nothing is off limits if I really want it. After some recommended reading from Nadine I am also working on becoming healthier from the inside out and have been experimenting with different foods and how they make me feel. I love being so in tune with my body, it is definitely the most I have loved and respected my body in years and am no longer fixated on the scale but just eating in a way to feel good and to have energy for my active life. I love Nadine’s approach that it’s not about looking a certain way but food as a way of nourishing my body, when I eat well and treat my body with respect all other parts of my life seem to fall into place. It has taken me a long time to see this but with Nadine’s down to earth, real life approach I have come a long way and still have so much to learn.

Lisa Huck


I have done numerous diet and training programs over the years with varying degrees of success. I have reached my goals many times only to fall back into old habits and with that, a lot of negative feelings of failure.

I reached out to Nadine because I was tired of reaching for a goal that I didn’t really fully understand. I have a great life and I tell myself that I’m happy, but how can you be truly happy when you hate yourself? I felt like a miserable bystander in an amazing life. I felt lost and numb.

I have had to really look at my life. I’ve had to accept that I’m not a bad person because my life went on after my husband passed away. Sometimes it’s very emotional and challenging, but Nadine is so empathetic, and encouraging. Nadine’s approach is one of total support without judgement. It isn’t always easy, I have to be honest and really look at myself and sometimes it’s painful, but Nadine is committed to seeing me through. That commitment is truly appreciated. Nadine has encouraged me to be honest and realize what I really want and what is holding me back. This is so much more than a number on a scale or simply following a menu or training plan to reach a goal. Working with Nadine has offered me a sound, practical approach to eating as a lifestyle rather than any kind of a diet along with a training program that fits my life. More importantly though, she has offered a lot of insight into the issues causing the behaviors.

I have changed the way I view this journey and my goals. I am now really working on the issues that have held me back, and I feel more powerful than I have in a long time.



I was so nervous to contact Nadine about using her as a coach. When I looked at how strong, successful and beautiful Nadine and her clients were I didn’t think I was good enough to have Nadine as a coach. It took me a year to contact Nadine, when I did she was kind and responsive. After working with Nadine for over six months I cannot even remember the “me” that thought like that. Nadine has improved my confidence, how I think about myself, and her nutrition and training programs have changed my life. I no longer resort to extreme diets and exercise to lose weight. Nadine has retrained me how to listen to my body, how to live a healthy lifestyle and how to treat all healthy foods as good for me including carbs and fat and developed a training program that works for me.



Nadine Dumas. This single person has had such an incredible impact on not only my body, but me as a person. I contacted Nadine and in a month we began working together on my nutrition. That was 3 years ago! Since then I have gone through the hardest most trying events in my life. I’ve fallen time and time again and I can always count on her. Whether I am working with her at the moment or not she is there for me.

She listens. She asks me all the right questions with no judgement when she receives the answers. In a way she knows me better than my closest friends or even my Mom! Does she know how to kick your butt into shape and make you eat well? Yes. Is she an ear to listen, an outside perspective you can rely on, someone that has nothing but your well-being at heart? Yes, over and over again, yes. She keeps me in check in every way when I can’t do it for myself. She is the person that I go to when I have big issues and I know she cares. I know she has my best interest at heart. You think you’re just hiring a coach to get fit or eat better when you first contact Nadine, but she gets to the root of what is really happening in your body, life and mind.



What I appreciate about Nadine is that she takes her training and understanding of eating psychology very seriously. Her guidance and approach are giving me the tools to change a cycle of anxiety, binge eating, weight gain and low self-esteem. I’m learning to let go of diets and quick fixes that allow me to feel like I’m in control of my fear of abandonment and loneliness. She’s helping me choose myself in a healthy way without avoiding the real emotional work that needs to happen so that I don’t continually lose and regain weight.

I’m only at the start of my coaching journey with her and I see the differences in the way that I choose foods that nourish me instead of sabotage me. My only responsibility to Nadine is to be honest and open minded with her. She isn’t disappointed in me and she champions my growth at every step even when it doesn’t reflect so on the scale. Her goal with me is that I learn how to champion myself so that the weight loss is just the after effect of the positive choices in flexible eating plan that I make and not because she’s given me a strict diet I’m excited and proud to be in partnership with such a strong and brave woman.



Nadine is more than a nutritionist/coach. She is a friend. She treats each of her clients like that. Her approach is heartfelt and genuine and you can tell that thru every email or message she sends. She honestly truly cares for her clients. Through good days and bad days or when I fall off my wagon (which happens a lot) she is there . . . not judging but encouraging. She gets that people are human and makes mistakes and life is tough and full of challenges. She has helped me view food in a different way which stems back from eating disorders I have suffered in the past. She gets to know you….what makes you happy, what are your stresses, what makes us tick. She has taught me that there are so many factors that cause our body to function the way they do and to appreciate my body and that I can enjoy things in life without worrying about how many calories there are. She made me dig deep and gave me the strength to face my demons that were causing me to be the way I was and for my body to not want change. There are no words I can could ever say to show my appreciation for what she has done for me. Her support and guidance has done wonders and I attribute my success to her.