My Approach


My Finding Balance Approach

Being a Mind-Body Nutrition Coach and Eating Psychology Practitioner, I am able to pick up where many traditional coaches leave off by addressing a deeper dimension to your weight loss, emotional, eating, binge eating, fatigue, digestive issues and body image issues one may skim over.

We find which styles of eating best support your body and lifestyle right now. This can be different for everyone. Finding balance through nutrition is not through deprivation or creating lists of what is good or bad foods for you. Instead, we work towards using foods you’ll enjoy and make them a part of your daily routine based on how your body can best utilize it.

Finding your inner balance is just as important as finding your nutritional and physical fitness. We look at areas in your life such as sleep, stress, adrenal fatigue, metabolic damage and hormones. Lastly, my coaching will help you find balance in your emotional wellbeing which means getting to the root of the cause. We dive in together to areas such as your core beliefs, your purpose and desire in life, family, work world and relationships.

All of these help us to find balance in our lives and create lifelong results.

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