Welcome to the Lagom Wellness Retreat, the Bespoke Series


Instead of burning the candle at both ends, the Lagom Wellness Retreats guide women towards consistently living somewhere in the middle. It encourages you to discover yourself, your boundaries, moments, and ways of living… without becoming overwhelmed or unsatisfied. In other words, finding the right balance to achieve your desired health and wellness.

So how can you achieve Lagom in your life?

Join our founder and Eating Psychology Practitioner, Nadine Dumas, during your exclusive Bespoke Wellness Retreat.

This option caters to the woman seeking a wellness retreat designed according to her individual needs. 
Combining mind-body transformations, nutritional guidance, and severe burnout body reset, you will build your own experience with the help from:
• wellness experts who will help to create your personalized program, and
• detailed coaching to curate your activity plans.
Programs will include in-depth, one-on-one mind-body nutrition coaching, private fitness classes, paddleboard yoga, cooking classes, soothing massages, grocery shopping trips, body care treatments and healthy meals throughout to support your journey to finding that balance you truly need and deserve.

You will leave the island relaxed and inspired, with resources and actionable advice from Nadine to continue your wellness journey at home. This exclusive experience is your gateway to the ultimate wellness retreat where you will finally find the balance you are missing in your life.

As a culture, we favor excess; and we extend this excess into every area of life. We jump for the quickest fix, cleanse or newest fad diet instead of understanding our eating patterns and habits. We over-commit to our fitness goals rather than being realistic in our weekly gym regimen. And we pride ourselves on being “too busy” just to prove our worth in the workplace. We live in a society where busy is the new cool, excess is encouraged, stress is the norm, and life is lived at warp speed. Making matters worse, we are also constantly connected to social media and the ideals of what our lives “should” look like; but what we most truly want and desire is a Lagom lifestyle. A balanced, less complicated and happy life.

The Bespoke Wellness Retreat will leave you refreshed and renewed with a way to settle back into life more balanced and content. A way of living your best life.

See Below To Create Your Bespoke Retreat TODAY!


Location: Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands (**Note: we do offer options for Nadine to travel to you)

Date:  Bookings are based on individual needs and can be anywhere from 4-14 days in length.  Please apply with your dates below

This is a bespoke service, therefore all activities and coaching is built into your retreat according to your needs.  Items such as:

Beach workouts
Private yoga classes
Paddleboard yoga
Daily catered meals including beverages
One-on-One private sessions with Nadine
Cooking Classes
Grocery shopping trips
Spa services
Luxury Boat Charter to Stingray City
and much more!


Due to the limited availability of the bespoke retreats, guests must apply in order to be selected. Tell us about yourself!