Frequently Asked Questions

How are you different than other health coach or nutritionists out there?

Being a mind-body nutrition, transformation and Eating Psychology Practitioner, I am able to pick up where many traditional coaches leave off by addressing a deeper dimension to your weight loss, emotional, eating, binge eating, fatigue, digestive issues and body image issues one may skim over.

Will I see measurable results from us working together?

Absolutely. Many of my clients report weight loss, less bloating, more energy, inches lost, better sleep and better digestion. There are however, significant benefits noticed that are not measurable. They are happier, more comfortable in their own skin, relaxed, trusting and feel more able to handle life stressors.

Can I find this information online for free?

You are more than welcome to do your own research online as there is plenty of it out there. However, some of this info can be conflicting and become even more confusing, leaving you feeling stuck and still no results. Most information found online will be general and also not specific to your exact individual needs.

I want to work with you but I don’t live in the Cayman Islands. Do you work distance?

Yes! I have been working for the past decade with clients online worldwide.

Will I have to count calories or macros, measure portions or use a specific plan?

Each client is individually assessed where programs and coaching are built how I feel the client would benefit and to what degree of structure I feel is essential. My intention is to free my clients of feeling as though they are bound to a program and learn how to find the balance that works for them.

Why is this a valuable investment? I want to work with you but I am worried my spouse/partner may not see the value in this work.

The best gift we can give those closest to us in an investment in our own health and wellness. When our own health, weight, body image, binge or emotional eating is affecting those around us and making us less available emotionally and physically, this program is as much for them as it is for you.

“Balance is not a final goal, but an ongoing process”